1) Go Cliff diving into the ocean
2) Get my tongue pierced
3) go underwater cave exploring
4) study spiders
5) swim with sharks
6) go skydiving
7) go to London, England
8) watch Generation 7 of Skins, UK 
9) Meet Skins UK cast

For Christmas i already know what i'm getting and that is money. I haven't actually gotten surprise  presents for years. I am using my money to go shopping and than that's what i am getting for Christmas, the only thing that i would like to get is a camera or a camcorder because i like to get really nice pictures without using the camera on my phone. 

I want to live somewhere in England. i think that it would be really cool to be around a different setting and different people. i chose England because i love the style of the area and  the culture. plus i think it would be a pretty place to see and visit.

i dont actually care who the president is because it has nothing to do with me and i didnt even get to vote. I do think that Barack Obama is the best choice though because i have no idea who Mitt Romney is.

 So, there are just some things you should NOT hand out as Halloween candy. Those candies that are: protein bars, heath bars, almond joys, mounds, and Australian candies that are like Tim tams and Vegemite. And who in their right mind hands out fruits and vegetables. Don’t be one of those houses that nobody goes to because you hand out crappy candy. Stay away from those white Kit Kats and Cookies and Cream Hershey’s bars, nobody should ever enjoy those, it’s not right. Buy some huge candy bars like Mr.Goodbars, Kit Kats, Skittles, M&Ms and recess. Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

You know who is going to win the 2012 election? My Llamacorn. With its bright pink llama body and its unicorn shaped horn, it won the election when it walked out of its gingerbread house in the morning. Everyone in the nation voted for it, except for its arch enemy, The BunnyBear, shape of a bunny with the tail and ears of a bear. The BunnyBear wanted to win more than anything but the Llamacorn crushed him. The BunnyBear sat in the corner and cried. Llamacorn ruled the town. Unfortunetaly the Llamacorn took over everything and everyone. No more elections. 

I love to have dreams. it makes me feel like their is so much more to the world than what we really know. unfortunately, i rarely have dreams, but when i do...they seem so unlike anything i would ever imagine. Last night i had a dream that their was a fire at the school, i don't know what school but i do know that it was on fire. everybody was evacuating and i ran in the building. i ran inside and i didn't know where i was going but i turned the corner and i found myself in a classroom. i was trying to find my skateboard.it was inside of that class. For some reason, all of the teachers were still inside their classroom with their doors locked. I got out of the building and i was standing on the edge of a creek looking at the ashes. it was a small pile of ashes, it made me realize how big school can seem but in reality, you have very few places to go. I had another thought when i was sleeping. i was inside of a mall, no mall that i know of but i don't even know what stores were in their. i cant describe it, it was someplace that i have been before. Someplace that was unoriginal, compact, and a complete mystery in my mind.
There was a girl who ran. She ran as far away as she could but deep down she knew she wanted to go back. There was no conscious that said to go back. She had a blank mind. She was traveling, long gone from the home she knew the most. Everything was so different to her. What she didn’t know was there were bad things where she was going. That mind of hers, it had no way of knowing. She saw the clouds get darker. She saw what wasn’t there before. She couldnt control where she was going. She was trapped.