I love to have dreams. it makes me feel like their is so much more to the world than what we really know. unfortunately, i rarely have dreams, but when i do...they seem so unlike anything i would ever imagine. Last night i had a dream that their was a fire at the school, i don't know what school but i do know that it was on fire. everybody was evacuating and i ran in the building. i ran inside and i didn't know where i was going but i turned the corner and i found myself in a classroom. i was trying to find my skateboard.it was inside of that class. For some reason, all of the teachers were still inside their classroom with their doors locked. I got out of the building and i was standing on the edge of a creek looking at the ashes. it was a small pile of ashes, it made me realize how big school can seem but in reality, you have very few places to go. I had another thought when i was sleeping. i was inside of a mall, no mall that i know of but i don't even know what stores were in their. i cant describe it, it was someplace that i have been before. Someplace that was unoriginal, compact, and a complete mystery in my mind.

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